The Bowlers' Shoppe is a full-service pro shop located inside St. Clair Bowl.  Managed by professional bowler and PBA Champion, Mike Mineman, The Shoppe offers expert fitting, drilling, and advice.  We sell all brands of bowling supplies: balls, bags, shoes, and accessories.  We invite you to visit The Shoppe and chat with our experienced technicians.  It is our mission to guide you toward the bowling equipment that will bring you your highest scores.

The 2017-18 Sport Travel League kicks off with a league meeting Monday, August 28 at 7pm at St. Clair Bowl.  The league itself starts September 11.  The Sport League travels between St. Clair, Bel-Air, and Hi-Top with varying patterns.  Contact the shoppe to register or for more information.


Monday through Friday 11:00-7:00

Saturday 9:00-7:00

Closed Sunday

PBA Champion, Mike Mineman

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Leagues at St. Clair Bowl

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all brands


Drill Resin NPH $50
Drill Poly NPH $25
Plug All, Redrill $50
Plug Thumb $30
Plug Fingers $30
Finger Grips $11
Thumb Slug, installed $20
VISE Slug IT $25
VISE Ball IT $20
Turbo Switch Grip $30
Resurface $25
Clean, Polish $3
Revivor, Oil Extraction $25